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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Define downward communication,the purposes of downward communication

What is downward communication?,What are the purposes of downward communication?

When information flows from the superiors to the subordinates then it is known as downward communication. When the manager of the sales department provides an order or direction to the assistant manager of the same department, then it is a case of downward communication.

Prof. R. Pal & Korlahlli said, “Downward communication flows from a superior to a subordinate.”

In the words of Prof. K. Davis & J. W. Newstorm, “Downward communication in an organization is the flow of information from higher to lower levels of authority.”

Prof. S. P Robbins said, “Communication that flows from one level of a group or organization to a lower level is a downward communication.”

Downward communication can be depicted as follows:
Fig: 6 downward communications
In short information that flows to downward from up can be termed as downward communication.

Purposes/objectives of downward communication:
in any organization most of the managerial communications are completed in the form of downward communication. It is basically used for providing directions or to inform matters relating to the tapes of the employees. Major purposes can be stated in the following manner:

1. Provide directions:
Downward communication usually used for providing direction regarding the accomplishment of the job.

2. Explanation of policies:
Polices are prepared by the top management but implemented by the lower level employees. Thus for better implementation, polices need to be explained through downward communication.

3. Point out problems:
If any problem is indentified by the top management then they need to inform the employees regarding the problem by downward communication.

4. Assignment of goals:
Targets or goals of the different departments also informed to the employees of respective departments through downward communication.

5. Offer feedback:
To judge the quality of the job, executives need continuous feedback. By downward communication executives can offer feedback to the employees.

6. To inspire:
For the fulfillment of the goal employees need to be inspired by the executives. By using the downward channels executives can provide inspiration to the employees for the accomplishment of the organizational goals.
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